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I really enjoyed this clever use of Bitsy & the techniques you used to move through the stories. Great work.

Wow! Incredible work! I got stuck in the elevator though – is that one of the endings?

No, the woman standing on top of the parking garage has the hint for that puzzle



Incredible level of detail - I can see why the editor was having difficulties haha! I went down the sewer and it was a very impressive (and surreal) sequence :)

is it supposed to 'soft-lock' while seated in the diner? the dream that sequence is based on I sat down and waited seemingly forever until I woke up, so I decided having it soft lock with you sitting down would be the best way to emulate that


While I'm not exactly fond of it, I appreciate the honesty in your answer.


This was awesome! Really impressed with everything you've done with this.


I liked this a whole lot! Really glad I kept replaying it and trying different paths.